Tellal (TJ) Jomha

All of our lawyers at Jomha Karout Law are experts in their respective fields. We pride ourselves on our reputation within the community and strive to offer the best possible service and advice to our clients. If you would like to contact Tellal (T.J) Jomha directly, please use the contact information listed below.

Tellal (T.J) Jomha

Barrister - Solicitor - Notary Public
Ph: 780-429-9090
Cell: 780-504-4110
Fax: 780-429-9697


T.J. Jomha has been practicing law since 2005. He maintains a practice that focuses primarily on residential and commercial real estate, and personal injury law. T.J. is calm, effective, and is rarely thrown off his game. His clients have come to expect from him a determined work ethic and effective representation. He has experience in trial advocacy and alternative dispute resolution, including settlement negotiations and judicial dispute resolutions.

Outside of law, T.J. has a keen interest in psychology and published a book on the subject titled "Whyology: Understanding Why We Do What We Do" in February 2013.

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