Criminal Law

Navigating the criminal justice system requires sound planning as well as tact.  It is a very stressful time for individuals and emotions can cloud judgement. Families, careers, and even freedoms are at risk.  There are many questions that we can answer and problems we can assist you with.  Jomha Karout Law Office will handle your case through to completion.  Do not panic when you or a loved one is facing criminal charges.

If you’ve been charged:

Contact us immediately.  If you need bail a hearing we will set one up and speak to bail on your behalf with the goal being your release.  While the case is pending time will be required to request disclosure on the case and discuss the matter with you.  Most importantly you should know where you stand, what your rights are, if they’ve been violated, what your options are, and what the potential outcomes and risks are. If you are issued conditions of release, you need to understand them.

When preparing for your consultation there are several things you should consider.  First and foremost prepare for the meeting.  Please bring all related paperwork to your case.  It is also a good idea to write down the allegations, the history behind your case, and document all encounters with police or other authorities.  After assessing your case carefully we will meet to decide which objectives to pursue.

Bail Hearings and the Surety

A bail hearing is required when the police refuse to release a prisoner.  The entire process can be stressful.  We offer bail support 24/7 because people are charged at all hours of the day and you shouldn’t stay in jail any longer than required.

Complainants, Witnesses and Victims

There are certain circumstances as a witness where you may require legal advice.  If you have made statements to the police, if you need protection, if you feel patronized or intimidated you need to know your rights.

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