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If you have been charged with any crime or need bail look no further than Jomha Karout Law. Our precedent setting law firm has won cases in the vast and complex field of criminal law. We are very experienced in many areas including drug offences, assault, impaired driving, domestic cases, fraud and more. Remember you are innocent until proven guilty and the onus is on the Crown to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Jomha Karout Law Office will put up an aggressive and valiant defence to ensure due process is exercised and to see that your rights and freedoms are protected.

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Our clients are looking for results, and they need someone working for them, who understand your priorities and your concerns. The criminal justice system can have a devastating impact on the lives of those who are brought before the courts, and it is important that your lawyer provides the confidence and protection which you need at this time. Jomha Karout Law provides that. In addition to thorough preparation and legal research, lawyers at Jomha Karout Law have mastered the art of courtroom arguments.

If you are charged with a crime, choosing the right criminal law firm to defend you will be the most important choice you will ever make.

Criminal law is an expansive always-evolving area of law. Our expertise in criminal law enables us to identify issues and potential defences in your case. Our knowledge of the law enables us to recognize instances in your case where your rights protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms have been violated resulting in the exclusion of evidence (including statements you have provided) seized by the state.

Unlike many larger firms, our criminal law firm provides partner-level support throughout the resolution of your case. Our five-star reviews and case results speak for us - we strive to secure the best results for our clients and to give you the very best defence.

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