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Criminal Defence Services

Our expertise in criminal law enables us to identify issues and potential defences in your case. Our knowledge of the law enables us to recognize instances in your case where your rights protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms have been violated resulting in the exclusion of evidence (including statements you have provided) seized by the state.

Criminal law is an expansive always-evolving area of law and we have expertise in the following areas of criminal law


Murder & Manslaughter

Bail Hearing

Young Offenders

Breach Of Court Orders

Weapons Offences



Possission of a weapon

Guns and Firearm charges








Driving Offences


Impaired Driving

Dangerous Driving

Flight From Police








Drug Offences


Possession & Traficking


Production Of Drugs










Domestic Assult


Assult With A Weapon


Aggravated Assult







Sexual Offences


Sexual Assult


Child Pornography


Sectual Offences Involving








Property Offences


Break & Enter






Theft & Position of

Stolen Property