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"I would highly recommend this team to anybody who may find themselves in an unfortunate situation where criminal charges may apply."

I’d like to take this time to send Sam Jomha and Mona Karout of Jomha/Karout law a great thank you. As I found myself in an unfortunate situation which carried a mandatory minimum of 2 years. Thanks to Sam and Mona's passion for the law and their ability to never lose sight of the goal of gaining the best possible results for their clients, my hopes for freedom never faded. The pair handled my case with utmost professionalism from start to finish, showing constantly their legal knowledge, analytical abilities, very impressive court presence and judgment. Sam and Mona have proven the ability to wear many different hats as required, showing their uncanny ability to turn on a dime in the midst of court proceedings or in the judge's chambers, turning potentially harmful and unforeseen information from the crown into positive results. I would highly recommend this team to anybody who may find themselves in an unfortunate situation where criminal charges may apply.
Review for Hasaan (Sam) Jomha
Sam is a GREAT lawyer. Anyone on here rating him otherwise - well you wouldn't have been satisfied with any lawyer and you probably got yourself in a situtation where you didn't have a pot to piss in. Pitbull is a good description. He is super intelligent, genuinely cares about his clients, and can win with any client having the ability to help themselves and help him do his job. He is a NATURAL in the court room. WOW, amazing how he thinks on his feet. I truly believe he is up and coming to be one of the premier criminal lawyers in Alberta. THANK SO MUCH. From me and my family. You are a criminal legal machine!!
Review for Mona Karout
I had the privilege of once working in the same firm as Mona. Her office was right next door to mine so I witnessed her work first hand. She is an excellent and caring lawyer. She is intelligent and more importantly, honest. I highly recommend her.
Review for Hasaan (Sam) Jomha
Best criminal lawyer in town. Did exactly what he set out to accomplish in my situation (when other lawyers simply said they could try; he said this is what we'll do and it was done). Amazing lawyer, straight forward and efficient.
Review for Mona Karout
By far the best lawyer in town! She got my charges dropped no problem. Amazing reputation and is always there for you when needed the most. Most stressful time for me yet she made it the easiest. Thanks Mona!
Review for Hasaan (Sam) Jomha
One of the best legal minds I have encountered. I am highly educated and the ways this guy dissects the issues and unravels legalities of the matter is unreal...people are lined up to hire him for a reason. In trouble? Better call Sam.
Review for Mona Karout
Works hard for her clients. Mona got my charges dropped. I would recommend her for any criminal charge.
Review for Hasaan (Sam) Jomha
The best lawyer in the city by far. If you want someone confident and who knows what you're doing, this is your lawyer!
Review for Mona Karout
Mona made my charges disappear. I was looking at a bad situation but she took care of everything.
Review for Hasaan (Sam) Jomha
Sam gets results. He will fight for you and make sure you are represented to the fullest extent as is necessary. If you are charged with a crime your best interests are taken care of with Mr. Jomha. You can't deny raw talent.
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